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In summary, the best thing you can do to help your fiddle-leaf.

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Why Is My Fiddle Leaf Fig Dying And How To Save It Indoor Gardening. Why Green Leaves on My Garden Fig Tree Are Falling Off. Few trees can top the garden fig tree (Ficus carica) for sweet, edible fruit on an especially attractive, broadly spreading tree.

The fig. How do you look after an indoor fig tree? Water the fig once per week or more, depending on how humid your area is. Allow the fig tree to dry out for a day or two between waterings.

Place the plant in an area that receives medium to bright light. Fertilize the fig tree during the growing season. How often do you water an indoor fig tree? every 10 days. Why have all the leaves falling off. Mar 15, Fig Tree Leaves Curling Up. When a fig’s foliage starts to curl up on the sides, you’ll probably notice brown areas as well. Unlike with root rot, all the leaves tend to turn a darker shade. Curling and browning usually appear at the edges and slowly reach the leaf’s inner.

These signs indicate your tree is thirsty. Luckily, it’s a Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. When grown indoors, a fig tree may suffer from spider mites, tiny spider-like insects difficult to see without a magnifying glass, which mottle the foliage and sometimes -- in severe cases -- spin webs beneath insects can make waxy brown bumps on the plant's stems and the undersides of its leaves, accompanied by a sticky moisture often called"honeydew.".

Feb 18, The rest of the story is sad. I brought the fiddle-leaf fig indoors, but almost immediately its leaves started to turn brown–one by one. And all the new buds that had been furled tightly at the base of mature leaves shriveled and turned crispy. Like, a black crispy. Not good. And now, a month later, the plant is looking sicker by the day.