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Considering the amount of tension the strings cause, usually about pounds.

May 20, First you have to put the washer that fits around the bushing over the bushing like in picture. Then take the washer that fits the bolt and put it on the bolt. Then take the piece of pipe and put it on the bolt/washer assembly. Now put the bolt assembly on to the washer around the bushing and thread the bolt in to the bushing by bushfall.buzzted Reading Time: 2 mins. #knowyourgear #sharpenmyaxe #mcknightrepairTitebond Original Wood Glue, Addario Str.

Jun 28, A guitar bushing puller is really handy for this. This is mine.

Forgot to also ask, does it typically destroy the bushing when doing this?

You’ll notice a rather crudely cut hole in the side of it. That’s actually really important because, as you start to remove a bushing, it can often pull on lacquer or even wood around it as it lifts. That can cause nasty bushfall.buzzted Reading Time: 5 mins. May 24, Heating the tuner bushing softens the lacquer underneath and helps prevent chipping when removing. Do that by heating the bushing.

Just hold a soldering iron against it. You don't want it to be red hot or anything, but a bit of heat evenly through the bushing will soften the lacquer under it.

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This makes it a safer job to remove the bushfall.buzzted Reading Time: 2 mins. Dec 07, The key to all of this is that the bushings are open at the bottom. This allows us to use some basic physics to remove the bushing. I cut myself a piece of 1/4" dowel and hardened it with CA glue.

I may just buy myself a small piece of 1/4" brass or plastic rod to do the job in the future. Mar 31, I am trying to remove my bridge bushings on my explorer copy to re finish it (its a tune-omatic stlye bridge). And i have got the back two out by useing the method of dropping a screw in the hole and screwing in a bolt to push it out.

It worked fine But know i have got to the two smaller front two ones, and i can not get them out. May 15, You need to take a 1" wood chisel,and hold it bevel down against the top,edge against the CAREFUL to NOT DENT the soft spruce top with the bevel of the around the perimeter of the bridge with the chisel,carefully striking it with a steel hammer,moving it to the next position,re-striking it so that the cutting edge of the chisel is exactly on the glue line between bridge.

A"Lifting" Bridge Click On Photo Above. You can detect a lifting bridge with a fine feeler guage or business card, by checking for a small gap along the backside of the bridge. If either slip under the bridge, you will need heat to soften the remaining glue to remove the bridge.